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Jason van Mason
Jason van Mason
Vincent is his little brother.
He is best friends to Fabian and Niklas.
Jason is very sporty. As you see he plays basketball, but he also likes soccer and swimming. He is one of the best students in our class. He even has no problems with maths! If he didn't help me with my homework, I surely would have had to repeat a year of school.

Jason and Niklas have grown up together. He belongs to Niklas' world like the sky and the earth under your feet. When Fabian suggested their agreement (you surely know about it), Niklas thought Jason might not join. But he was wrong. At once Jason took the chance to kiss Niklas! Before that, Niklas never noticed that Jason might love him that much.

He has a little brother, Vincent - also a clever boy, but less sporty. Sometimes you may have the impression that Jason is treating his brother in a reserved way. Funny, he likes to hug and kiss Niklas, but he was never seen being gentle with Vincent. Alas, he is - read the story about the bunkbeds.