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Anything but girls (22 Images)
1. Created on: 2004-02-01
How it all began. Fabian, Jason and Niklas make an agreement.

New kid in the hood (24 Images)
2. Created on: 2000-12-01
Martin moved with his family into the Neighbourhood. Niklas, Fabian and Jason make friends with him.

Summer storm (18 Images)
3. Created on: 2004-07-01
Outsider Keith makes friends with Martin. Together they ride to a nearby but abandoned farm. Suddenly a thunderstorm comes up.

When Jon moved in (18 Images)
4. Created on: 2005-03-01
This one is about Jonathon McCollough and how it was when he moved in.

How to become a Rockstar (30 Images)
5. Created on: 2002-06-01
Niklas, Fabian and Jason formed a rockband. What they now need is a drummer. So Jason's brother Sniv introduces Jonathon to them.

Keith, Come Home (58 Images)
6. Created on: 1999-02-01
Keith plans on running away from home. He meets Martin and the two play together. In the evening Martin ist missing as well...
This episode introduces Davy and Ricky.

10 Minutes to save the Earth (26 Images)
8. Created on: 2000-03-01
Did you know that Martin and his friend Chris are into guys in tights?
This episode introduces Chris.

Merry Christmas, Keith! (6 Images)
10. Created on: 2001-12-02
It's Christmas and Keith is all alone. Then he meets Fabian on the street and helps him carrying the Christmas tree home.

Haircuts (22 Images)
18. Created on: 2005-04-23
Niklas doesn't like hairdressers. They are his natural enemies! Unfortunately his parents force him to visit them from time to time.

I cant Dance (13 Images)
19. Created on: 2000-10-01

Red Ridding Hood (9 Images)
20. Created on: 2006-05-02

My Favorite Fairy Tale (6 Images)
21. Created on: 2000-05-02

The Story Of the Belly Button Monster (13 Images)
22. Created on: 2000-10-01

Just A Boring Day (14 Images)
23. Created on: 2001-06-01
Niklas is bored at home so he goes to play outside. He meets his friend Ralph there who invites him to play videogames at his place.

Shopping (6 Images)
24. Created on: 2005-12-01

The Fatal Pair Of Swim Trunks (22 Images)
25. Created on: 2003-08-01

If My Life Was A Tv Show (6 Images)
26. Created on: 2002-07-01

Hi, Im Davy (16 Images)
27. Created on: 1999-05-02

*Rollercoaster (6 Images)
28. Created on: 2005-03-02