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Merry Christmas Keith

and with a little bit faint yet clear
soprano keith started singing...
hark, the herald angels sing,
glory to the new-born king,
piece on earth and ...
oh wow!
why aren't you singing
in the school choir?
mr arnould would've
loved you for that!
er... dunno.
don't like
to be at school
longer than
actually, keith
usually could
not sing in front
of other people.
he always felt
like his throat
was locked
when somebody
asked him
to sing.
"the first noel",
- this is easy, let's
sing it together!
eh, what?
C'mon! why would
you make this songbook
if you weren't
to use it? huh?
eith came closer and
started singing. and almost
automatically, fabian joined
the singing, a little lower
than keith.
the-e fi-hirst no-o-el,
the angels did say, was to
certain poor shepherds
in fields as they lay --
no-el, no-el...
born is the
ki-ing of
is- ra---