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Niklas Edlund
Niklas Edlund
His little sister is called Tina.
And he lives with his mom and dad, which can't be taken for granted these days - unfortunately.
Niklas wants to have a brother. A big brother! He knows that it is too late for get one, because he is the oldest. And he thinks that it isn't fair!
He usually hangs around with Jason and Fabian - his best friends. They have made a special agreement... but maybe you know this already. Anyway, they allow each other to hug and to kiss. And they will tell each other always the truth.
Are you sporty? Do you like to fight with boys? Niklas isn't very sporty. Sometimes he goes swimming and plays baseball a bit... that's all. You may call him a wimp. Yeah, in fact he's a weakling. If you want to fight with him, you have already won. What's so funny about that? He just doesn't want it. I hates it. He'd rather be called a wimp.
If he watches a film or reads a book he never likes the hero. That guy who is doing dangerous things and who is always brave. Isn't it more courageous to sacrifice something? If Fabi, Jason and Niklas play adventures he never takes the part of a hero. He likes to sacrifice himself in a game, to play dying scenes. He thinks it's so sweet if someone holds him and he whispers his last words!

The rest of his time he spends with astronomy and piano practice. He is fascinated by the universe. Is there really no end? And where was the beginning? He says he feels so small when he looks up to the stars at night.